Court Dates

14-Mar-18 Hon. Bombay HC FTIL vs. State of Maharashtra
Criminal WP/2187/2015
{Case: FTIL seeking relief for sale of stake in IEX to meet regulatory compliance and seeking quashing of MPID / FIR}
Note: NAARA’s Intervention allowed.
28-Mar-18 Hon. Gujarat HC NAARA vs. RBI
PIL WP No. 114/2016
{Case: PIL seeking action by RBI under PSS Act}
04-Apr-18 City Sessions Court, Mumbai
The State CBI BS & FC charge-sheet in PEC matter against NSEL, FTIL, Jignesh Shah & 15 Ors.
Case: 100062 / 2016
{ Case under IPC 120B, 420 and PCA 13(2), 13(1)(d) }
20-Apr-18 Hon. Delhi HC Jignesh P Shah vs. State of NCT Delhi & Anr.
W.P. (CRL) 1039/2015 & CRL. M.A. 7401/2015 in P.S. FIR No. EOW-331/2014
{Case: Quashing of Prosecution / FIR in the matter against Jignesh Shah / NSEL filed by Delhi Investor)
24-Apr-18 City Sessions Court, Mumbai
The State CBI BS & FC charge-sheet in MMTC matter against NSEL, FTIL, Jignesh Shah & 26 Ors.
{ Case: 100034/2017 under IPC 120B, 420 and PCA 13(2), 13(1)(d) }
20-Jun-18 Hon. Bombay HC MCX vs. State of Maharashtra, ACP & DCP
Criminal WP/3073/2015.
13-Jul-18 Hon. Bombay HC FTIL vs. State of Maharashtra(EOW)
Criminal WP/2479/2016
{Case: Quashing petition by FTIL on EOW Notice dated 18th July 2016,
Securing FTIL Assests ).
11-Jul-17* Hon. Bombay HC Investors vs. FTIL & Ors.
NMS 1490/2015 in Suit 121/2014
{Case: Restraint on FTIL from distributing Dividends and Salary increments to Board Members / Management}.
*Fresh Date Awaited
17-Oct-17* Hon. Bombay HC Nilesh K Patel & Ors. vs. State of Maharashtra
Criminal WP/3342/2014
Note: NAARA has filed intervention, APPW/524/2014
Lotus Refineries Pvt. Ltd. & Anr. vs. State of Maharashtra
Criminal WP/2793/2014
Gagan Suri (Yathuri Associates) vs. State of Maharashtra
Criminal WP/856/2015
{Case: Quashing of MPID / FIR in NSEL matter}.
*Fresh Date Awaited
20-Nov-17* Hon. Bombay HC Modern India Ltd. vs. FTIL & Ors.
Notice of Motion in SL/14/2014 (S/173/2014)
NMS/274/2015 MMTC vs. NSEL & Ors.
{Case: Hearing on the main pleas against FTIL, Jignesh Shah & NSEL}
*Fresh Date Awaited
04-Dec-17* Hon. Bombay HC FTIL vs. Union of India & FMC (now SEBI); Ravi Sheth vs. Union of India & FMC (now SEBI); Jignesh Shah & 2 Ors. Vs. UOI & 3 Ors.
WP/2743/2014; WP/2985/2014; WP/387/2015
Note: NAARA’s Intervention allowed.
{Case: FTIL et. all challenging the MCA Draft Order of merger of NSEL with FTIL; Hon. High Court ordering vacation of status quo in the hearing dated 04-Feb-15}
NAARA had also filed NMWL/539/2015 seeking injunction on FTIL’s distribution of dividend etc
Arguments concluded 24/10/2017. Judgement pronounced on 04-Dec-17 with Hon. BHC dismissing FTIL petition and allowing 12 weeks time for appeal at Hon. SC.
*Fresh Date Awaited
18-Dec-17* NCLT Chennai Bench
MCA Petition against FTIL; superseding the Board of FTIL.
Case: CP/1/2015
{Case under section 397, 398}
*Arguments concluded. Two weeks time, till 01-Jan-18, for filing written statement. Reserved for Order.
20-Jun-16* Hon. Madras HC FTIL Vs NAARA
OA 142 in CS 128/2016
{Case: Civil Defamation suit against NAARA}
*Fresh Date Awaited
26-Jul-16* Hon. Madras HC NAARA vs FTIL
CRL of 15435/2016
[Case: Quashing petition on criminal Defamation Complaint against NAARA at Egmore Magistrate Court]
*Fresh Date Awaited
20-Sep-16* Hon. Bombay HC FTIL, Jignesh P Shah, Shreekant Javalgekar & Joseph Massey vs. FMC (now SEBI)
WP/337/2014; WP/363/2014; WP/370/2014; WP/341/2014
{Case: Challenge of the Fit & Proper Order of FMC (now SEBI)}.
*Fresh Date Awaited
06-Dec-16* National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Principal Bench, New Delhi, Quasi-judicial body {CLB dissolved w.e.f. 01-Jun-16} MCA petition against FTIL; superseding the Board of FTIL.
Case 1/2015
{Case under section 388(b)}
Note: In 30-Jun-15 Hearing, interim relief on the Government plea; FTIL barred from selling company’s assets. However, by 10-Jul-15 Order of the Hon. Madras HC, FTIL was granted relief to deal with movable / investments. Hon. SC has set aside the Order of Hon. MHC and asked CLB to expeditiously hear the matter. The NCLT has directed appointment of a 5- member Committee (with Retd. Judge of Hon. SC & the MCA nominee having veto powers individually) at FTIL, vide its Order dated 24-Jun-16, while the MCA company petition remains pending for hearing & final disposal. On 6th December 2016, the Principal Bench, NCLT, New Delhi dismissed FTIL’s Application for shifting the matter to the Chennai Bench of NCLT.
Hon. NCLAT (Appellate Tribunal), New Delhi had allowed the matter to be shifted to Chennai NCLT, through its Order dated 09-Mar-17.Date awaited at Chennai NCLT
*Fresh Date Awaited
15-Dec-16* PMLA Special Court Enforcement Directorate(ED) charge-sheet against NSEL,Defaulters etc.
Case No.4/2015,ECIR/14/MZO/2013
*Fresh Date Awaited

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