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We believe that for us to succeed in this long battle for recovery, we all need to come together  and set aside our differences, if any, for a common cause.
Form provided below is ONLY for INVESTORS having outstanding exposure with NSEL and wishing to register with NAARA as its member.

* All fields are mandatory.

Terms and Conditions
1. I hereby confirm that I have outstanding receivables in the NSEL exchange default as on date.
2. I hereby acknowledge that this association is only a forum / platform which through its members and well-wishers will use all legal means and recourses in pursuing its primary objective of RECOVERY of monies of all NSEL affected investors.
3. I hereby agree and authorize the association to disclose my details to any government mandated / regulated authority, government ministries & agencies and the courts of law, if such details are called upon this association by any of the entities falling in the above-stated category.
4. I hereby agree and authorise the association and its managers to send me news, updates and any brief on the efforts that this association does, on my Mobile number and / or email ID that I have provided as part of the enrolment process. I confirm that I shall have no objection to receiving such messages.
5.I hereby agree and authorise the association to exchange with my broker any or all of my above particulars, if warranted under any circumstance.

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