23-Jun-17: Note from NAARA to EOW

29-Aug-16: Letter to Economic Times – on Justice for NSEL Investors

17-Feb-16 Letter to Dr. Kirit Somaiya

16-Dec-2015: Letter to Mr. Sunil Jain, FE-on Mr. Sanjay Asher’s column

30-Nov-2015: Letter to MCA – Concerns on valuation of assets attached

06-Nov-2015: Complaint to EOW-unauthorised expenses by FTIL

03-Nov-2015: Letter to MCA – Continuing disregard of Law by NSEL & FTIL

08-July-2015: Representation to the HCC committee.

16-Jun-15: Representation to Home Secretary, Maharashtra

09-Jun-15: Representation to Hon’ble CM of Maharashtra

12-May-2015: Follow Up of EOW complaint – misutilization of funds

30-Apr-2015: Complaint to EOW – violation by NSEL & FTIL

27-Apr-15: Complaint against FTIL/NSEL for violating Court Order

27-Apr-2015: Complaint to EOW – violation by NSEL & FTIL

20-Apr-15: Complaint against Auditor & Clearing Bank

13-Apr-15: Letter to EOW – Manipulation of Witnesses

13-Apr-15: Correspondence with Economic Times Editor

12-Apr-2015: Correspondence with ASSOCHAM

05-Mar-15: Order of Hon. HCC

27-Feb-2015: MCA Presentation/Submission

26-Feb-15: Breach by NSEL

23-Feb-15: Order of Hon. HCC

23-Feb-15: NAARA Rejoinder before HCC

21-Feb-15: Reply of NSEL

18-Feb-15: Order of Hon. HCC

18-Feb-15: NAARA Application to HCC

10-Dec-2014: Suggestions for merger in response to the Notice of MCA

2014: NSEL vs NAARA

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